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Try and mention the Bar of Hotel Belvedere in Falcade to anyone in Valle del Biois. They will all say the same thing: “it’s Falcade's meeting place”, so much so that “Let’s meet at the Belve” is the same as saying “Les’t go for a drink in the countryside”.

At the Bar of Hotel Belvedere in Falcade every detail contributes to its charming and welcoming atmosphere: from the wood beams, personally selected one by one by the owner, who is appropriately nicknamed “The Woodworm”, to the pictures on the walls, by Murer. But this is not all. The bar has always been unique in Valle di Biois: in the 80s, the owner introduced the latest trendy cocktail, such as Caipiroska and Mojito, which at the time where popular only in America.

And today the bar at Hotel Belvedere in Falcade keeps surprising its guests with new beautifully presented drinks that taste absolutely great. Watching Mauro, a professional barman, prepare his cocktails is part of the entertainment.

At the bar you can listen to live music and choose a wine from our great selection, or enjoy a “Spritz”, the traditional local aperitif.

Be enchanted by the relaxing and friendly atmosphere of the bar at Hotel Belvedere in Falcade. At the end of the day, after visiting one of the most beautiful areas of the Dolomites, you will look forward to sipping Mauro’s Mojito at the bar.

“Let's go to the Belve” is what we used to say when we were younger. I have fond memories of great aperitifs, long evenings listening to live music and the exotic taste of those cocktails. It’s nice to hear my children say exactly the same thing to their friends with the same enthusiasm we had back then”

Hotel Belvedere has a great selection of wines. A cellar with more than 450 different wines, divided by type and country of origin.

“I was pleasantly surprised by the Hotel's vast selection of wines and appreciated the suggestions from the owner and barman. It’s nice to share the passion for what I define “the Earth’s song to the Sky”, wine.”

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