Hotel Belvedere in Falcade is a 3-star hotel located in a privileged position in Valle del Biois. It opened in the 1930s as a hostel for wayfarers and since then has expanded and improved thanks to the passion and dedication of the Giaier-Scola family, whose experience in the hospitality sector spans across generations.

Set amongst the spectacular scenery of the Dolomites, one of UNESCO World Heritage sites, Hotel Belvedere in Falcade boasts the traditional style and colours of its beautiful surroundings. Elegance and taste can be found in every detail, starting from the traditional mountain style furniture with its warm relaxing feel, to the wine list carefully selected by expert connoisseurs and of course in its cuisine, the jewel in Hotel Belvedere’s crown, thanks to the fresh ingredients selected for every dish and the expertise of its Chef.

Renowned amongst motorcyclist from all around Europe, Hotel Belvedere in Falcade is located in a strategic position, just a short walk from the ski lifts of the nearby skiing resorts. It offers breathtaking views of the unspoiled peaks of the Pale di S. Martino, Focobon, Marmolada and Civetta mountains.

The helpful and friendly staff at Hotel Belvedere in Falcade will make sure you enjoy your stay: always happy to provide information, offer tips and make sure you have all you need.

“I will never forget the wide horizon I could admire from the balcony of my room, with the peaks of the Dolomites setting the limit of infinity”

Available RoomsOur rooms

The staff at the Hotel surrounded by the Dolomites is on a mission: make sure you relax and start enjoying your holiday the moment you set foot into your room. Every carefully selected detail is of the best craftsmanship quality. Hotel Belvedere in Falcade offers different types of rooms to meet all needs, each one equipped with every comfort.


WellnessA relaxing break

The wellness area at Hotel Belvedere in Falcade is the perfect place to spend a few hours relaxing and recharging: you won’t be disappointed, you will find harmony for the body and mind. Picture yourself at the spa of Hotel Belvedere in Falcade doing nothing else but relaxing; try the Turkish Bath, the Finnish sauna, the Roman sauna, or why not, the cold fog with a mint aroma.


BarCocktails with friends

Try and mention the Bar of Hotel Belvedere in Falcade to anyone in Valle del Biois. They will all say the same thing: “it’s Falcade's meeting place”, so much so that “Let’s meet at the Belve” is the same as saying “Les’t go for a drink in the countryside”.


RestaurantThe taste of tradition

At the restaurant of Hotel Belvedere in Falcade, the best restaurant in Falcade, guests are welcomed into a magical and sophisticated atmosphere. The restaurant can seat up to 140 people in three traditional dining rooms furnished in a charming mountain style, each as relaxing and welcoming as the next, decorated in three different colours: the Red Room, the Blue Room and the White Room. A central room is for the buffet.