RestaurantThe taste of tradition


At the restaurant of Hotel Belvedere in Falcade, the best restaurant in Falcade, guests are welcomed into a magical and sophisticated atmosphere.

The restaurant can seat up to 140 people in three traditional dining rooms furnished in a charming mountain style, each as relaxing and welcoming as the next, decorated in three different colours: the Red Room, the Blue Room and the White Room. A central room is for the buffet.

The dishes served at Hotel Belvedere in Falcade are made with carefully selected ingredients by the expert hands of an exceptional Chef. Each dish has a history of passion and tradition.

No detail is left to chance and every single ingredient has been chosen with passion, experience and love for the region.

Every dish is a feast for the senses; the Chef’s ability consists in using techniques that don’t affect the taste of the ingredients, but enhance their peculiar characteristics.

The result is a combination of intense sensations. An original, irresistible and reassuring approach to traditional flavours.

Thanks to our extensive experience and feedback from our guests, in addition to the menu, the restaurant is proud to offer a range of complete lunch and dinner menus, from starters to desserts, all original and unique.

“That was when I realised that eating is a bit like taking in the scenery. As I enjoyed my meal at Belvedere restaurant I could picture the green valleys, the mountain peaks, the flower boxes on the balconies of the traditional houses in the valley”

I nostri piatti

I nostri piatti

I nostri piatti